Privacy & Data Protection Services

Privacy Now is a professional company helping individuals and small businesses with their data privacy & data concerns.

Here is a list of the privacy services we specialise in. Contact us if you think we can help you.

Privacy Impact Assessment

Is your business, projects or systems efforts in terms of privacy adequate for the individuals it affect?

To understand your business current data protection efforts and to plan the way forward to ensure that all aspects of the GDPR is covered we conduct a thorough privacy impact assessment (PIA).

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Your current GDPR Status

What is the status of your current GDPR? Have you made an update but not quite sure it holds up?

We look at you current GDPR efforts to see where you currently stand and give you a roadmap in terms of necessary changes you should do to make your GDPR status healthy.

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Virtual Data Protection Officer

Handling sensitive or large amounts of data and in need of a DPO (data protection officer)?

It is not necessary to have the DPO in-house. If you need someone to have data protection oversight, we offer a virtual service for any requests or concerns related to GDPR or other privacy concerns.

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EU Representative (Article 27)

Is your company based outside of the EU and you are in need of GDPR EU representative?

Article 27 is the need for "Representatives of controllers or processors not established in the Union". We are EU based, therefore able to represent organisations that handles EU data subjects.

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Employee GDPR Training

Do you have employees that handles personal data? Do they have the proper understanding of the GPDR?

If you have many people that have access to data your organisation deals with, training of them in general handling of data is absolutely necessary. We conduct on-site and online training and seminars.

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Office Privacy Assesment

Is your office space set up and management in regards to a minimum standard of privacy?

We will conduct a complete review of your office and computer setup to assess the current status. Is it safe from intrusion or hacker friendly? Do you have a password management strategy?

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Privacy Policy Review

Does your website have a privacy policy? Does is lack compliance with current privacy standards?

We look at your current privacy policies and update them accordingly. This is done from a practical perspective and with a lawyer.

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Cyber Security Review

How do you protect you hardware and software from hackers? Do you have a contingency plan for an attack?

To understand your business current data protection efforts and to plan the way forward to ensure that all aspects of the GDPR is covered.

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Prices and offers

We operate on fixed prices on some services, but in general we look at each case on a project to project basis. We are not a law firm, although we have a lawyer working with us. For a full GDPR project offer we need to set up time to discuss what is needed. If you are looking for a virtual DPO or a EU representative we operate with fixed prices depending on the size of your organisation. Feel free to contact us for more information.