Privacy Devices - Stay More Hidden

Privacy devices are physical gadgets and tools to help you with privacy, online and as a person.

These physical devices should you invest in to keep your office or home private.

Today it is easy to get access to anyones computer, and often we forget the physical environment.

Here are some of the best privacy devices and gadgets to keep yourself more private.

Webcam Cover

This tools is self explanatory. Although the likelihood that you are being monitored through your webcam is low, there are no way of knowing 100%. Without a webcam cover, it is fairly easy to connect to it remotely when you have access to a computer. So why run the risk?

These are great and works on both your computer, monitors with webcam, and on your phone. They are very thin so there is no problem shutting the laptop completely.

I like the packs with 3, but you can buy in different packages. Give one to your loved ones, or invest for the office.

Read more about it here, and get yours.

Fing Box

Get control of devices connected to your router.

We have many devices connected to our home or office network. Do you know all the devices connected to your router? At home it is simple, as long as you know who you gave the password to. A Fing Box lets you manage devices connected to your router. If a new device connects, you will be warned through a connected app on your phone. You can also block connection to unwanted or unrecognised devices.

Purchase your Fing box here

Mic Lock

Block Mic Opening

This tools is self explanatory. It tricks the computer to think you have a headset plugged in, and if you then let our computer microphone go through the AUX, then the computer should not be listening.

Works also on any phone with a headphone jack. Plug in the Mic Lock, and trick the phones always listening function.

There is also an audio mic lock that works so you can still use your preferred headset.

Get yours Mic Lock Here

Yubico Key

2 Factor Authentication Tool

A key that gives you full control of who access your devices or login to your services. When logging into, for example your Lastpass account, you can set it up for a 2-factor authentication with the Yubico key. You will be prompted to insert it in your USB and with your finger, you authorise the login.

Comes for many devices, phones and laptops, and in different shapes and sizes.

Check out the Yubico Amazon store here.

Your Own Router

A powerful router you control.

When you sign up for an internet provider they will give you one of their own routers. This is practial for the customer as it is a plug-in and start solution. However, many of these routers have flaws, and might be built with systems that track you.

I recommend getting your own router. Personally I like this one from Netgear, but there are many similar out there.

Get yours at Amazon here

Laptop Privacy Filter

Limited what others see on your screen.

A privacy filter goes on top of any screen you have. When it is on you will see everything on the screen as normal when looking straight on it. But, if you look at the screen from the side, or from another angle, you won`t see anything.

It works like a charm if you want to avoid people peeking on your monitor.

Several options are available.

Disclaimer: This is my opinion only, and it is up to you to protect your online and physical presence as best as possible.

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The list is dynamic. Last update 07. February 2019