The Best Free VPN, That Also Cares For Your Privacy - How-to Install

There are many Virtual Network providers out there, but this free is the best. In our humble opinion.

Why you should invest in this Free VPN.

It is a matter of your data being yours to control.

Our lives more or less 100% digital. There is not much that can`t be done online anymore. In essence, we and our digital and ultimately physical privacy are exposed. Credit cards, social security numbers, your addresses, and whereabouts are in the hands of corporations and strangers. And it is difficult to control, but with a VPN, or a Virtual Private Network you can still remain anonymous.

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN for short, works as a shield for your real location telling apps, websites and anyone snooping around a different location than the real one.

Why use VPN

It hides your online footprint

When you are connected to the internet, either through your phone or a computer, you leave traces behind telling a lot about who you are, where you are, where you have been, what you are interested in, and who your friends or family are.

Today artificial intelligence (AI) is so good that putting together all the pieces you leave behind surfing the web gives a pretty clear picture of us. Read more about digital identity.

For governments, this is a way of controlling the population, as it can track the moves, wishes, and want of the public. But Imagine behind denied a mortgage because your credit-rating has information about your online behavior. Such a social credit system is a genuine possibility.

Hide from criminals & hackers

There are many precautions to make, like ensuring your webcam is covered, but that does not help if someone is already logged into your device.

If someone gains access to the network you are connected to, it is easy for them to get all the content of your computer or your cloud storage, such as the now infamous “the fappening” where celebrities ICloud accounts was hacked.

Free online services are free for a reason

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Gmail, Search engines, you name it, it is free for us to use. Why? They can keep it free because they can sell your user data is to advertisers, often unknowingly (when did you last read the terms & conditions and privacy policy of Facebook?).

Hiding behind a VPN is great, as it will confuse the targeted advertiser as they are not able to see your real location. And to be honest, who owns your data?

How and when to use VPN

  • When you log on to public wifi. Basically whenever I connect to any unknown wifi. Airports and coffee shops are particularly vulnerable.
  • When you want to surf government or official websites that are not local to your country. This is helpful as you might be profiled by local authorities, and its worst case be denied entry or arrested if traveling there.
  • Hide real traffic from your Internet Service Providers. Your ISP is the one who gives you your actual location. Hiding it makes it hard for anyone trying to find your position.
  • While traveling to connect to your home internet. This is useful if you are trying to access your online bank. Some banks might lock you out of your account or block you if you decide to login from another country than where the bank is located.

So why ProtonVPN?

  • First and foremost, they do not save any logs. When you use the majority of VPN`s on the market, a record is created and shared with them. This shows where you logged on the virtual private network from. If by any chance the VPN providers data is breached, it is easy for someone to locate you and figure out who you are. This logs might also be handed over to government officials through a court order.
  • ProtonVPN is Swiss. Switzerland has an outstanding track record in terms of privacy.
  • They have a free, but limited option. Yes, it is free, but this option is to get more people and you to start using a VPN. The free choice is limited to one unit, and you can connect to 3 countries only. The speed you will get is also low. Most have more than 2 devices, for example, so most people will eventually upgrade to the paid version. Which still is cheap at only $4 per month. If you need a VPN only to hide your real location, the free option is perfect. If you want to surf, stream and regularly work behind a VPN, then I would recommend a paid version.

How to install ProtonVPN

To install and use ProtonVPN is very easy.

So depending on your operating system, you can choose the one that suits your need. They also have an open source version if you want to use ProtonVPN on third-party clients such as OpenVPN.

Where to find it

  • Click the green Sign Up button up to the right or the button on the middle who says Get ProtonVPN now.
protonvpn homepage
  • Select your plan, free, basic or plus.
protonvpn plan page
  • There are two options of signing up from here. If you have Protonmail (one of the best privacy email host on the market) use your already existing login, or just enter your email and details as needed.
protonvpn sign up page

For the Free Option. Just Your Email or Protonmail Account.

  • If you choose the Basic or Plus Version instead, fill in your credit card details, or pay with Paypal.
protonvpn payment page

How to Download and Install

You will get an email from, not protonVPN, in it, you will find a verification key to input here:

protonvpn verification page

Now add a username (remember the username as you need it to log in later) and a password.

protonvpn username page

You can now download your preferred client.

protonvpn download page
protonvpn download page windows and mac

Choose the one that suits your need. Depending on the system you use, you will have different methods.

How to Install on MacOS

Find the downloaded file

protonvpn mac dmg file

Move it over to the application folder.

protonvpn file app

You will then come to log in screen.

Insert your username and password. Leave "Remember login" ON if you don`t want to write the username and password every time. Start on Boot can be off, but if you want to ensure maximum focus on privacy, turn it ON.

Click Login.

You will be asked to give some permissions.

Press allow on the first popup and insert our password on the second.

And Voila! ProtonVPN is installed.

protonvpn user interface
ProtonVPN on MacOS

Press Quick connect, and you are surfing on a Virtual Private Network.

If you need to connect to a specific country, you choose your country of choice.

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