The non-technical way of staying "more" private online

Want to have more control online? Here is a short selection of programs to start using to become a little bit more privacy conscious.

Staying anonymous online is harder than ever, maybe impossible. 

In essence there are no way to maintain a total invisible online presence unless you throw away all your online devices and move to the middle of nowhere and start living off the land. 

However, there are ways of maintaining some control of your online footprint. 

How you set up yourself online is important, not only in terms of staying private, but also as a way of securing your personal data.

Not technical? Don't worry, these programs are easy to start using as a beginner.

Here are some of the programs I recommend to start with as a way of increasing privacy as well as establishing better online security.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you are hacked, your data is misused or someone rips you off when online by following these advices.

Virtual Private Networks - VPN

Hides your actual IP address, and therefore you will stay more secure on public WiFi

Popular and quick and easy to setup, go for any of these:


Hide My Ass

Want's something a little more secure, but a little bit more technical? Go for this:


Password Management

Gain better control of your passwords with LastPass. One login for all your logins. Also if you sign up for Premium you will get 1GB of encrypted storage for important and private documents in a safe cloud.

Visit the site here: LastPass

Secure Browsing

Browser like Chrome and Safari have built in tracking as default. To avoid this use one of these two. They are as good as Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. Brave is newer, so it still has some bugs. 

Visit here: Firefox

Visit here: Brave

If you are currently using other browsers than these it is possible to export bookmarks and import them into other browsers.

Browser Plugins

The browser in itself is not the most secure so you should add some plugins. Here are 4 recommended plugins to use in Firefox. (the links are for Firefox only.)


Privacy Badger

HTTPS Everywhere

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

Safe Search

I consistently use the search engine DuckDuckGo. It doesn't store what you search for. For 95% of the searches I want, it is perfect. 

Safe search = DuckDuckGo

Encrypted Email

Use Protonmail for end to end encrypted emails. Based in Switzerland, they secure your emails as the Swiss secure bank accounts.

Set up your free account here: Protonmail

Do you think you have never been in a data breach? Check you email address or password on Have I Been Pwned..

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This is the non techie set up as of today (27.03.18)