Best Privacy Tools for a Private 2019

Essential Privacy Tools 2019. What Are The Best Privacy Tools To Stay Private? Following a Twitter Discussion I List The Most Mentioned Tools From Privacy Conscious People.

What are the best privacy tools available?

It is jungle of opinions out there.

So in order to understand what the majority of "smart" privacy concerned users use, I asked for help.

I posted this on my Twitter account:

Privacy tools twitter

This started a great discussion of privacy.

Most of the responses can be divided into separate categories:

Search Engines

Mail Clients


Browser Plugins

Password Managers

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)


Cloud Storage

2 Factor login

Android OS


Here is a list of those that where mentioned most often as the preferred software/tool in each category.

Disclaimer: I do not endorse any of these, just listing what was mentioned.

Privacy Search Engines

Privacy Mail Clients

Most endorsements:

Also mentioned:

Privacy Focused Browsers

Most mentions:


Browser Plugins

Some are Chrome only, others are Firefox only.

Top mentions:

Also popular:

Password Managers

Top 3:

In addition:


Top 3:

Also mentioned:

I personally use ProtonVPN, read more here.

Secure Messaging

Most discussed:


Cloud Services and Cloud Tools


2-Factor Login Tools

Alternative Android OS

Other Privacy Tools Mentioned

Please let me know if there is anything I should add.

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