Office Privacy Assessment

What is it?

How is the space where data is shared secured? This is a physical walkthrough of your office space, and a thorough analysis of your organisations computer setup. This includes a look at how you secure documents with personal information, how you manage logins and access. Devices are easy to steal if not secured.

Who is it for?

In essence this is for everyone as we consider the computer as part of an office. Whether you share an office with others or have a virtual office, an assessment of your privacy is highly underrated. If you conduct employee training , the office privacy is an important aspect to have under control.

What does it cover?

We assign a time where we come to your office and we go through every aspect together with you or with the building management. Then we conduct a random round of interviews with employees to see how aware they are in regards to their office privacy efforts followed by a report on improvements.

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Paul Arnesen

Online Privacy & Data Protection Specialist


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