GDPR Status Control

Why get this under control?

From May 25th 2018 all companies that are collecting or targeting EU citizens needs to follow the general data protection regulation - GDPR . You might have read about this and followed an online guide to get "in compliance". However, without in-depth knowledge of the regulation there can be costly flaws. We take a look at your efforts and give guidance.

Who is it for?

All businesses that have services or products where EU citizens have access. If you have 1 tracker on your website getting info about a visitors whereabouts, through an IP address, you fall under the GDPR.

What does it cover?

For us to understand your GDPR status we will ask you some basic questions followed up by a read through of your related documents. If you have a website we scan it for vulnerabilities. In the end we provide you with a report and a way to get into GDPR compliance. This is also a part of a privacy impact assessment.

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Are you looking for help with GDPR?

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