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ePrivacy Regulation - Status and What is it?

When will it ever come into effect? And what is it really all about? The ePrivacy regulation is supposed to supplement the GDPR. But we are still waiting for EU to make a decision.

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Digital identity is your online fingerprint.

Digital Identity Is Your Online Fingerprint. How Are Your Online Actions And Behaviour Shaping Your Digital Identity To Use For Marketeers And Others. How Should You Protect It?

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General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR

Still not 100% sure about the GDPR - The EU General Data Protection Regulation? Here is an article to help you understand the why, how, what, whom and so on in the GDPR.

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How to choose the best VPN - 7 factors to consider

Choosing the best VPN is hard. There are many options out there to select from.

Here are 7 factors you should consider.

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