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Our service offers Data Protection, Online Privacy and GDPR consultancy and assistance.

We aim to help you and your organization navigate and answer all questions of legal and regulatory nature when it comes to data protection regulation. Besides your company have the benefit of working closely with passionate, trained and experienced online privacy consultants.

The advice and guidance provided at Privacy Now are wide and varied, and our goal is to have mutual learning and development perspective on all projects. Whether it is getting compliant with GDPR, or specific help on new or existing projects we provide the expertise needed to realize the strategic nature of all data protection aspects for your business to achieve its goal.  At the same ensuring that you follow all complex regulatory and legal matters.

Latest articles to read is about VPN, GDPR, your digital identity or the ePrivacy regulation

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We offer a selection of services related to online privacy and data protection. From legal services to hands-on technical aspects and worldwide regulatory provisions such as the GDPR, ethical hacking, policy reviews & updates, company data protection training, online exposure concerns and more.

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A selection of free and paid privacy resources can be found here, curated by the Privacy Now team.
Read current articles on our blog about privacy, GDPR, data protection. You can also download useful guides or check out our favourite privacy tools and devices.

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Essential Privacy Tools 2019. What Are The Best Privacy Tools To Stay Private? Following a Twitter Discussion I List The Most Mentioned Tools From Privacy Conscious People.

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GDPR by the Numbers. An Infographic Showing the Numbers After the First Year Of GDPR Since It Was Enforced.

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The non-technical way of staying "more" private online

Want to have more control online? Here is a short selection of programs to start using to become a little bit more privacy conscious.

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Online Privacy On a Budget. 3 Tips To Get You Started.

Ensuring that your online privacy is good enough is not expensive. There is no need to invest in servers to self-host your password manager or to build a cloud storage solution. However, this is recommended if you have the time and resources, you can get a long way on a budget.

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